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SynBioBeta 2022 Presentation: Breaking the Barrier to Long, High Purity Synthetic DNA

Improving enzymatic DNA synthesis to overcome the limitations of current chemical DNA synthesis methods

From food and agriculture to therapeutics, diagnostics, and vaccines; tools such as gene editing, DNA sequencing and gene synthesis are being used to build value-added products with advanced functionality (e.g., cell bioreactors, etc.) and desired end products (e.g., drugs, chemicals, etc.). The barrier to widespread implementation is the forty-year-old phosphoramidite DNA synthesis chemistry that is limited to producing only short oligonucleotides.

In collaboration with Molecular Assemblies, Codexis is leveraging its CodeEvolver® directed evolution platform to improve the efficiency and speed of nucleotide incorporation at elevated temperatures to revolutionize the field of synthetic biology.

Matt Miller, Principal Scientist, Molecular & Cellular Engineering, Codexis
Bill Efcavitch, Co-founder and Chief Scientific Officer, Molecular Assemblies