Codexis, Inc.

Reimagine enzymes as transformational products

Enzymes can do more for our world - mitigate environmental threats, optimize research and diagnostic tools, and address unmet patient needs as innovative biotherapeutics. When enzymes are engineered and optimized for their target use, the final improved products and processes can be transformational.

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Discovering and developing life-changing treatments for patients is our focus. By tailoring biotherapeutic performance using novel protein and gene therapies, we are well-positioned to address unmet medical needs and find treatments for a wide range of diseases and disorders. 

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Life Science Tools

Highly specialized enzymes can address many challenges faced in DNA and RNA synthesis, NGS, and clinical diagnostics. Whether it’s yield, accuracy, or sample conditions, engineered enzymes can help provide better results.

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Sustainable Manufacturing

Sustainable bioprocesses enabled by enzymes can eliminate the use of hazardous reagents, remove wasteful steps, and reduce overall manufacturing cost for API production, food ingredients production, and other industrial operations. Explore novel approaches that benefit the triple bottom line – social, environmental, and financial.

Everything we do is to improve health.
Of people and the planet.

At Codexis, we strive to discover and develop more effective therapeutics, offer healthier choices, innovate sustainable processes and products, and reduce waste – all to create a brighter future.

These goals are grand but not beyond reach. Together with our business partners and loyal customers, we can make them a reality.

Scientific Highlights

Towards improving the treatment of Hemophilia A with directed evolution of transgene

Marcus Rohovie, Sr. Scientist at Codexis, presented a poster at the ASGCT Annual Meeting that highlights the potential of engineered transgenes to offer improved efficacy of Recombinant Factor VIII (FVIII) therapies in patients with Hemophilia A. The CodeEvolver® technology platform was used to identify variants of a B-domain deleted FVIII (FVIII-BDD) with superior properties as compared to the wild-type enzyme.

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There are many steps to a healthier future.

Join us on our journey.