Partnerships at Codexis


Partnerships expand our reach

Codexis has a deeper and broader pipeline than ever before, thanks to many vital partnerships with established and emerging companies. Our technology allows us to contribute to industries from life science tools and sustainable manufacturing, to biotherapeutics. We welcome partners at all stages and levels of product development, technology licensing, and strategic collaboration.

A vast library of opportunity

Once the application and requirements are defined with our partner, we get to work creating an enzyme optimized for the job. Our technology uses a sophisticated process to generate and screen large numbers of novel protein libraries, which we then develop into commercially relevant enzymes.

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Flexible scaling and supply

With access to a flexible and integrated supply chain, we offer several options for customers to access their optimized enzyme variant, including licensing for self-manufacture, pilot and commercial-scale supply of the enzyme, and more comprehensive, CodeEvolver® platform pathway licensing.


Partners across industries and the globe

We partner with emerging and private biotechnology companies and global leaders in healthcare and biopharmaceuticals, food and beverage production, and biotechnology. Our partnerships focus on discovery and development initiatives, product development, technology licensing, and strategic collaboration.

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