RNA Ligase Screening and Optimization Services at Codexis

RNA Ligase Screening and Optimization Services

RNA Synthesis via Ligation for Improved Scalability and
Reduced Manufacturing Cost

During traditional RNA synthesis, each nucleotide added to the growing oligonucleotide compounds the coupling errors, which decreases the yield of longer RNAs. By utilizing a ligation approach, multiple short, single-stranded RNA (ssRNA) fragments can be ligated together to form the desired double-stranded RNA (dsRNA) duplex. RNA synthesis via ligation can create a higher purity and yield, which improves scalability and significantly reduces manufacturing cost.

Services tailored to your oligonucleotide synthesis scale-up needs

Codexis provides a wide range of research and development services to support oligonucleotide synthesis. Contact us for more information about available services for enzymatic RNA synthesis.

  • Ligation site selection and RNA fragment design
  • Ligase screening against hundreds of natural and engineered enzyme variants
  • Ligation protocol optimization by design of experiment (DOE)
  • Enzyme engineering to enhance ligation reaction efficiency at the target process conditions
  • Research-scale enzyme production under appropriate quality systems to support oligo synthesis process assessment
  • Product impurity profile assessment
  • Ligation process development
  • Research-scale RNA production
  • Scale-up support

Engineered Ligases for RNA Production

With the proprietary CodeEvolver™ technology platform, we developed a suite of high-performance enzymes to enable the ECO Synthesis™ manufacturing platform as well as support phosphoramidite oligo synthesis through the ligation approach. Key features of our engineered ligases are listed below.

Higher Substrate Loading

A higher substrate loading can directly  increase production yield per batch. Our engineered dsRNA ligases have been tested with substrate concentration at 1.5 mM (or 22 g/L).

Higher Conversion Rate

Our ligases are engineered for ligation efficiency, thermostability, and faster reaction time. By screening against the proprietary ligase libraries, we can help you select the most well-suited ligase for the target substrate to achieve a higher conversion rate.

Improved Scalability & Reduced Manufacturing Cost

With higher substrate loading and higher conversion rate, we can help you improve scalability and reduce manufacturing cost. We work with our customers to meet the cost-in-use target and maximize the benefits of enzymatic RNA production.

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