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Codex® HiCap RNA Polymerase
Improve mRNA capping efficiency with Codex® HiCap RNA Polymerase

Achieve exceptional IVT results with Codex® HiCap RNA Polymerase, a co-transcriptional capping RNA polymerase that has been uniquely engineered to produce synthetic mRNA at high yield and low immunogenicity.

More translatable mRNA with greater capping efficiency

Specifically designed to improve capping efficiency over current methods while reducing cap analog requirements, the Codex® HiCap RNA Polymerase increases yields of fully capped mRNA without compromising the total RNA yield.

Reduced immunogenicity from double-stranded RNA

Reduce the negative immune responses from your vaccine and therapeutic candidates with Codex® HiCap RNA Polymerase, which produces significantly less double-stranded RNA (dsRNA) compared to wild-type T7 RNA polymerase.

Flexible uracil analog incorporation

Codex® HiCap RNA Polymerase incorporates commonly used uracil analogs to replace canonical uracil (which can also elicit unintended immune response) during IVT and is able to incorporate a range of commercial uracil analogs.

OEM enzyme supply

You can tailor Codex® HiCap RNA Polymerase purchase quantities, concentrations and fill-volumes to meet your demands and integrate seamlessly into your IVT production process. To learn more, please contact us, or visit the Scale-up and Supply page.

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Sequencing & detection

Codexis’s novel enzymes are engineered to improve accuracy, speed, and overall robustness of your sequencing or diagnostic workflows such as NGS library preparation or RT-qPCR.

DNA & RNA synthesis

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