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Our proprietary CodeEvolver® protein engineering technology is unlike anything else on the market today, and its exceptional capabilities are available to your in-house scientific staff. Representing state-of-the-art advances in five key areas — artificial intelligence, biology, fermentation, chemistry and high-throughput robotics — CodeEvolver® enables the rapid development of highly optimized proteins, custom-designed for specific applications.


Widely regarded as a best-in-class technology, CodeEvolver® is covered by more than 175 issued patents and pending patent applications worldwide. By uniquely combining biology and chemistry with proprietary data analytics, we are able to provide advanced, customized solutions to real scientific and industrial challenges that may not be achievable any other way.


“We chose the Codexis platform after a thorough evaluation of the enzyme evolution landscape. Codexis has a significant track record of delivering evolved biocatalysts for pharmaceutical and fine chemical applications over an extended period of time. The Codexis CodeEvolver® technology is enzyme class agnostic, which allows it to be applied to a wide range of chemical transformations. This flexibility allows for application across a wide range of chemical manufacturing opportunities. Codexis is also constantly improving the CodeEvolver® platform, which has allowed them to stay at the cutting edge of enzyme evolution technology.”

Doug Fuerst, Technology Development Lead, Synthetic Biology

Here are some of the elements that comprise licensing the CodeEvolver® platform:

  • Artificial intelligence
    Codexis’ proprietary machine learning software helps determine the additive effect of individual mutations.
  • High-throughput screening
    We’ll supervise setup and workflow in your lab.
  • Codexis’ product portfolio
    The entire Codexis catalog is always available to you.
  • Human partnership
    Codexis’ scientist experts will help integrate CodeEvolver® into your labs and workflows.
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