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Codex® HiFi Hot Start DNA Polymerase

Uniquely engineered for NGS library amplification

With its low error rate, high-yielding amplification, enhanced uniformity of coverage, and the ability to accurately amplify difficult genomic regions, the Codex® HiFi Hot Start DNA Polymerase is a great choice for any NGS library preparation protocol.

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High quality sequencing data

Codex® HiFi Hot Start DNA Polymerase delivers efficient library amplification with greater library complexity and high uniformity of coverage in GC-rich regions, for improved genomic representation with fewer total reads.

Suitable for whole genome sequencing and targeted resequencing

In workflows for human whole genome sequencing (WGS) and human targeted resequencing, Codex® HiFi Hot Start DNA Polymerase demonstrates high PCR yields and consistent fragment size distributions.

Uniformity of coverage

Enhanced uniformity of coverage

Engineered for high processivity even through GC-rich and GC-poor (AT-rich) regions, fewer total reads are required to achieve a target mean depth of coverage, presented here alongside the KAPA HyperPrep kit across human WGS.


High-yield amplification

Critical for applications with low sample inputs such as hybrid capture, Codex® HiFi Hot Start DNA Polymerase with GC enhancer gave high yields in pre-capture amplified libraries during a targeted resequencing workflow, tested among KAPA, Equinox Library Amplification Kit, NEBNext Ultra II Q5 Master Mix, and Platinum Super Fi II Master Mix.

High fidelity

52X fidelity improvement

With fidelity improvement of 52X relative to wild-type Taq polymerase, amplification during library preparation can be accomplished with greater confidence in results. In addition to KAPA and NEB Q5, the NEB Q5 Hot Start High-Fidelity 2X Master Mix and ThermoFisher Phusion High-Fidelity DNA Polymerase with GC buffer were tested for comparison.

Product benefits

Hot-start mechanism

Formulated with a proprietary aptamer to deliver hot-start performance, libraries are amplified with high specificity and yield.

OEM enzyme supply

The Codex® HiFi Hot Start DNA Polymerase is available for custom OEM supply as a standalone enzyme or fully formulated into a 2X NGS Mix, with an optional enhancer for GC-rich templates.

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