CDX Ligase (Pre-commercial) at Codexis

CDX Ligase (Pre-commercial)

A new DNA ligase with superior ligation efficiency

CDX Ligase, engineered to address sequencing challenges by delivering higher ligation efficiency, library yield and complexity, can boost assay sensitivity and improve the number of successfully processed samples.

Preliminary Data

Drop-in solution with better ligation

Compatible with leading sample prep kits

CDX Ligase increases both library yield and complexity when used as a drop-in replacement for the ligase provided in three commercially available library prep kits.

Automate NGS library prep

Stable in ambient temperature for up to 14 days

CDX Ligase shows no loss in performance after incubation at 22 °C for up to 14 days, making it suitable for high-throughput library preparations.

Ligation efficiency

CDX Ligase achieves >80% ligation efficiency at ligase concentration as low as 0.1 µM

CDX Ligase delivers higher ligation efficiency than T4 DNA Ligase at or above 0.1 µM in a high sensitivity assay with 30 ng 160-mer insert and 200 nM NGS adapter.

Library yield

CDX Ligase delivers higher library yield

E.coli genomic DNA library preparations demonstrate library yields with CDX Ligase to be 1.3-fold to 2.7-fold greater than libraries generated with each respective kit-provided ligase.

Library complexity

CDX Ligase generates higher library complexity

Without any prior optimization of buffer composition or other protocol variables, CDX Ligase generates higher library complexity (106% - 167%) relative to the kit-provided ligase.

Product benefits

High-throughput automation friendly

Consistent performance with or without crowding reagents

CDX Ligase demonstrates higher ligation efficiency with DNA input as low as 10 ng even in the absence of PEG, with substrate conversion with CDX Ligase being 2-fold greater than with T4 DNA Ligase.

Stable in ambient temperature

No change in ligation efficiency for up to 14 days

CDX Ligase delivers consistent enzymatic activity after incubation in both storage buffer and reaction buffer at 22 °C for up to 14 days, with no decrease in double-ligated product formation with CDX Ligase.

Less substrate bias

Low inherent dimerization activity

While commercially available ligases exhibit strong substrate bias, CDX Ligase demonstrates low inherent dimerization activity of NGS adapters, and a much lower sequence bias compared to its counterparts.

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