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Codex® HiFi Hot Start DNA Polymerase

Primed to propel a new generation of genomics

Fully optimized and formulated for next-generation sequencing workflows, the Codex® HiFi Hot Start DNA Polymerase allows developers of NGS library preparation kits or diagnostic molecular assays to create kits that will give end-users more confidence in their data, reducing the number of total reads required, even for low sample inputs, or at decreased depths of coverage.

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Benefits of Codex® HiFi Hot Start DNA Polymerase

Exceptional fidelity

Codex® HiFi Hot Start DNA Polymerase delivers the high-fidelity needed when applications demand exceptionally accurate DNA sequences, with higher fidelity relative to Taq DNA polymerase.

Enhanced uniformity of coverage

Engineered for high processivity even through GC-rich and GC-poor (AT-rich) regions, fewer total reads are required to achieve a target mean depth of coverage, in turn providing higher confidence in the data with decreased coverage depth.

High yields

Formulated with a proprietary aptamer to deliver hot-start performance, libraries are amplified with high specificity and yield, critical for applications with low sample inputs and workflows such as hybrid capture.

OEM enzyme supply

The Codex® HiFi Hot Start DNA Polymerase is available for custom OEM supply as a standalone enzyme or fully formulated into a 2X NGS Mix, requiring only the addition of DNA template and primers. To learn more, please contact us, or visit the Scale-up and Supply page.

Life science enzymes portfolio

Three life science enzymes are currently available for commercial use: a thermostable reverse transcriptase for one-step RT-qPCR assays, a high-fidelity DNA polymerase for next-generation sequencing, and an RNA polymerase with significantly improved co-transcriptional capping. 

Codex® HiTemp Reverse Transcriptase

Reverse transcription at 70 °C

Codex® HiTemp Reverse Transcriptase is a highly sensitive enzyme engineered for thermostability at temperatures as high as 70 °C. In addition, it is stable at ambient temperature and automation-friendly, making it ideal for custom one-step RT-qPCR assays. 

Robust and thermostable

Codex® HiCap RNA Polymerase

Improve mRNA capping efficiency

Produce capped synthetic mRNA at high yield and low immunogenicity with Codex® HiCap RNA Polymerase. Greater capping efficiency and the production of less double-stranded RNA byproduct deliver exceptional IVT results

Efficient RNA capping

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