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Life Science Enzymes

Tools that go beyond

Our life science enzymes are engineered to go beyond the limitations of natural enzymes by being more thermostable, processive or efficient, without compromising overall performance. Developed with genomics, diagnostics, and oligonucleotide manufacturing workflows in mind, Codex® life science enzymes enable more effective and versatile life science tools and biopharma processes.

Our portfolio of life science enzymes

Explore the available commercial enzymes for genomics, diagnostics, and mRNA manufacturing applications.

Reverse transcription at 70 °C

Codex® HiTemp Reverse Transcriptase is a highly sensitive enzyme engineered for thermostability at temperatures as high as 70 °C. In addition, it is stable at ambient temperature and automation-friendly, making it ideal for custom one-step RT-qPCR assays.

Improve mRNA capping efficiency

Produce capped synthetic mRNA at high yield and low immunogenicity with Codex® HiCap RNA Polymerase. Greater capping efficiency and the production of less double-stranded RNA byproduct deliver exceptional IVT results

High-fidelity results for NGS

Have greater confidence in library amplification results with Codex® HiFi Hot Start DNA Polymerase, delivering greater library complexity, high yields, and enhanced uniformity of coverage.

A DNA ligase with superior ligation efficiency

Boost assay sensitivity and improve the number of successfully processed samples with a ligase engineered to address sequencing challenges.

Looking for another engineered life science enzyme? From sequencing and detection, to DNA and RNA synthesis, reach out to discuss testing or partnership options.

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