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IFT FIRST: Annual Event & Expo

IFT FIRST: Annual Event & Expo

Codexis will be in attendance and would love the opportunity to meet and discuss your current challenges, or visit our booth #S3939.

Speaker: Michael Miller Ph.D., Director of Program & Pipeline Management, Codexis

Custom Engineered Enzymes to Create Differentiated Food Products

Enzymes come from nature, but can be customized to fit into any food production process, existing or new.  Directed Evolution allows us to quickly and efficiently evolve fit-for-purpose enzymes that can upgrade products within fixed process constraints. In this presentation, examples from Codexis projects will be used to demonstrate how custom, engineered enzymes deliver differentiating functionality via existing and new food production processes.

Multi-Sessions Conversation Panel

Monday, July 11 | 10:00am – 11:00am
Topic: How is our fundamental understanding of molecules such as proteins, lipids, or enzymes leading to innovations in food or beverage?