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Codex® HiFi Hot Start DNA Polymerase
Primed to propel a new generation of genomics

Fully optimized and formulated for next-generation sequencing workflows, the Codex® HiFi Hot Start DNA Polymerase allows developers of NGS library preparation kits or diagnostic molecular assays to create kits that will give customers more confidence in their data, reducing the number of total reads required, even for low sample inputs, or at decreased depths of coverage.

Market-leading fidelity

Codex® HiFi Hot Start DNA Polymerase delivers the high-fidelity needed when applications demand exceptionally accurate DNA sequences, with an approximately 400-fold increase in fidelity relative to Taq and greater than 2.5-fold improvement relative to the current market-leading, high-fidelity DNA polymerase.

Enhanced uniformity of coverage

Engineered for high processivity even through GC-rich and GC-poor (AT-rich) regions, fewer total reads are required to achieve a target mean depth of coverage, in turn providing higher confidence in the data with decreased coverage depth.

High yields

Formulated with a proprietary aptamer to deliver hot-start performance, libraries are amplified with the high specificity and yield, critical for applications with low sample inputs and workflows such as hybrid capture.

OEM enzyme supply

The Codex® HiFi Hot Start DNA Polymerase is available for custom OEM supply as a standalone enzyme or fully formulated into a 2X NGS Mix, requiring only the addition of DNA template and primers. To learn more, please contact us, or visit the Scale-up and Supply page.

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Sequencing & detection

Codexis’s novel enzymes are engineered to improve accuracy, speed, and overall robustness of your sequencing or diagnostic workflows such as NGS library preparation or RT-qPCR.

DNA & RNA synthesis

Our next-generation enzymes improve yield, speed and cost of oligonucleotide synthesis. We have worked on single and double-stranded ligases, polymerases, nucleases, and others.

Health monitoring

We enable novel biosensors for human and environmental monitoring. Through the directed evolution of biomolecules, we can unlock the full potential of your device and revolutionize quality of life.

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