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Scale-Up and Supply
Engineered enzymes at the scale you need

Regardless of the application, Codexis’ optimized enzymes are stable and predictable, environmentally friendly and offer performance characteristics that can dramatically improve quality and efficiency. In addition to delivering more sustainable processes and producing minimal waste, engineered enzymes can also produce higher yields to reduce costs and improve ROI.

Ecology concept: Key shaped forest viewed from above. Computer generated, and lit with global radiosity. Subtle grain texture added.
Supplying grams to tonnes

When directed evolution of an enzyme is deemed complete, you have a variety of options to access the optimized variant. Depending on the market application, these may include exclusive pilot and commercial-scale supply of the enzyme; licensing models to enable self-manufacture; or incorporation of the enzyme into a wider synthetic pathway licensing for the CodeEvolver® technology platform.

Keys for successful commercialization

From grams to kilos to tonnes, we can develop optimized enzymes for specific applications in weeks and can scale up to full commercial production in as little as three months.

Cost Effective

With more efficient processes that use fewer manufacturing steps, have faster reaction times and deliver higher product yields, engineered enzymes can lower costs and improve profitability.


Codexis ensures delivery from a flexible, integrated supply chain, enabling competitive lead times and surety of supply.

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