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Optimized Proteins for Improved Manufacturing Processes

Regardless of the industry application, Codexis’ optimized proteins are stable and predictable, environmentally friendly and offer performance characteristics that can dramatically improve quality and efficiency. In addition to delivering more sustainable processes and producing minimal waste, engineered proteins can also produce higher yields to reduce costs and improve ROI.

Codexis partners with the world’s premier companies in pharmaceuticals and biotechnology to supply custom optimized proteins for pharmaceuticals, biotherapeutics, fine chemicals, animal health, food and nutrition, flavors and fragrances, agrochemicals and many other applications. Codexis’ high-performance enzymes are also available as off-the-shelf screening kits to enable you to test in your own labs.


Advantages of Codexis engineered proteins


From grams to kilos to tons, we can develop optimized proteins for specific applications in weeks and can scale up to full commercial production in as little as three months.

Cost Effective

With more efficient processes that use fewer manufacturing steps, have faster reaction times and deliver higher product yields, engineered proteins can lower costs and improve profitability.


Optimized enzymes do not require elevated pressures or temperatures and can be adapted for longer reaction sequences.


Faster Process Development
Engineered proteins have similar biochemistry at any scale, minimizing the need for process changes when scaling up.


Cleaner and More Environmentally Friendly
Replacing traditional chemistry processes with engineered proteins typically reduces general waste, and particularly hazardous waste.


Codexis ensures delivery from a flexible, integrated supply chain, enabling competitive lead times and surety of supply.

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