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Riding the Wave of the Protein Revolution: Optimized Biocatalysts for the Pharmaceutical and Food Industries

Revolutionary advances in digital technology, genomics and sequencing have fueled tremendous advances in protein engineering. Enhanced understanding of the complex relationships between protein structure and function has unveiled virtually limitless opportunities for engineering proteins that meet precise performance specifications. Using highly advanced techniques that combine the disciplines of biochemistry, chemistry, recombinant DNA technology, structural biology, biochemical engineering and information technology, protein engineering enables scientists to create enzymes that are far superior to those available from nature, sometimes even absent in nature.

A key resultant of the protein revolution is the rapid development and production of high-performing enzymes that serve custom applications. Protein engineers are designing and producing optimized proteins that dramatically reduce the cost and improve the quality of pharmaceuticals and food ingredients, while also creating novel biotherapeutics and enabling the sequencing of minute quantities of DNA for in vitro diagnostics. As protein engineering techniques continue to evolve, suppliers of these services are increasingly able to deliver optimized proteins that precisely match their clients’ desired performance specifications — and can do so faster and less expensively than ever before.

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