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Codexis’ Evolution Unlocks the Exact Protein to Optimize Your Application

Unlock the power of proteins®

At Codexis, rather than relying on screening of existing natural protein diversity, our CodeEvolver® platform uses a sophisticated process to generate and screen large numbers of de novo protein libraries. In this way, we direct evolution, ultimately producing an engineered protein with the optimal properties needed for the application.

When evolution is deemed complete, Codexis offers clients a variety of options to access the optimized variant. Depending on the market application, these may include exclusive pilot and commercial scale supply of the protein; licensing models to enable self-manufacture; or incorporation of the protein into a wider synthetic pathway licensing for CodeEvolver®. Codexis works with customers to ensure a mutually beneficial relationship to enable successful commercialization.



Codexis’ screening services are available in a variety of ways:



Codexis screens existing protein libraries to find a suitable starting enzyme/protein for your application.



A short evolution project (usually two rounds), the PoC program uses CodeEvolver® to rapidly evolve a protein/enzyme from an identified starting point to optimize performance and quantify the improvement trajectory. This allows rapid and relatively inexpensive risk calibration and quantification of the value added.



Codexis typically works in close partnership with R&D and commercial stakeholders to define target performance characteristics, and then applies the CodeEvolver® platform to tailor protein/enzyme improvements to meet the program objectives.

CodeEvolver® technology

The CodeEvolver® platform is covered by more than 175 issued patents and pending patent applications worldwide. By uniquely combining biology, chemistry and data analytics, we provide advanced, customized solutions to real scientific and industrial challenges. Here are some of the key proprietary components:


Directed evolution services, namely, the custom manufacture of proteins and genes using a machine learning algorithm that analyzes sequence, activity, and structural data. The best variant can be identified from a shallow library screening; this variant then can be used as the parent for future rounds of evolution.


A proprietary data mining package that creates protein sequence-activity relationship models from experimental testing of enzyme libraries. These models rapidly assess many thousands of mutations, in context, and dramatically accelerate protein improvement.


Evaluates the intensive interactions of multiple mutations in a protein. MOSAIC® uses sophisticated computational methodology to determine the additive effect of individual mutations and to further accelerate the rate of improvement of protein performance.

Unlock the power

Many industries make do with commercial enzymes that work “well enough” in their production processes. With the Codexis CodeEvolver® platform and protein optimization process, however, you can unlock the power of proteins® to dramatically improve processes in a wide array of applications.

By offering several tiers of R&D service options, Codexis works collaboratively to understand customer needs and deliver quality engineered solutions, providing clients with a path to successful commercialization.

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