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Pharmaceutical Manufacturing
Sustainable processes of API

We understand there are multiple methods to manufacture pharmaceuticals, but with innovative route design and highly customized biocatalysts, tailored to the target reaction sequence, manufacturing processes can be transformed by eliminating steps, increasing yield, and reducing solvent usage and wastage. Optimized, highly productive processes also reduce overall energy consumption and capital utilization, meeting your goals for sustainable manufacturing.

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By combining multiple scientific disciplines with high throughput automation and proprietary data analytics, we are able to provide customized enzyme solutions to industrial challenges that may not be achievable by other methods. Many of our partners are using the CodeEvolver® platform to develop novel enzymes for the more efficient and sustainable manufacture of pharmaceutical and health care products.


Januvia® is a blockbuster drug for the treatment of Type 2 diabetes, manufactured by Merck. As the drug achieved increased commercial penetration, Merck was faced with building an additional manufacturing facility to keep up with demand, while also encountering capital expenditure challenges.

Januvia® is a registered trademark of Merck & Co


Codexis worked collaboratively with Merck to develop a new enzyme catalyst to manufacture the drug more cost-effectively. The high-performing enzyme catalyst that Codexis engineered eliminated several steps from the manufacturing process, doubled the measured productivity of the process, decreased energy usage and significantly reduced capital expenditure requirements.

Evolved biocatalysts perform

Out of 70+ programs and millions of variants analyzed, we offer our best-performing enzymes to you, available in grams to multi-ton scale. The Codex® Ketoreductase Screening Kit has been widely used in active pharmaceutical ingredients synthesis as well as other industrial research areas. Discover more about our screening kit products.

Scientific Highlights
Engineering an Amine Transaminase for Efficiency

This article published in the journal ACS Catalysis describes how we engineered an amine transaminase to improve upon the synthesis of sacubitril, a key component in Entresto® for the treatment of chronic heart failure.

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