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Discovering and developing life-changing treatments for patients is our focus. By tailoring therapeutic performance using novel protein and gene therapies, we are well-positioned to address unmet medical needs and find treatments for a wide range of diseases and disorders.


Our highly specific and efficient enzymes can address current bottlenecks in DNA and RNA synthesis, enable novel molecular biology and diagnostic tools, and transform biopharma manufacturing efficiency to reduce cost and increase accessibility.


Resources on our planet are stretched and waste continues to accumulate – increasingly demanding a mindset change in how products are developed and manufactured. Our sustainable processes reduce waste and remove hazardous reagents from pharmaceutical manufacturing; our bio-based solutions for food & nutrition address increasing consumer demand for natural approaches; our high-performing enzymes for industrial applications reduce usage and drive processing efficiency. Explore novel approaches that benefit the triple bottom line – social, environmental, and financial.

Everything we do is to improve health.
Of people and the planet.

At Codexis, we strive to discover and develop more effective therapeutics, offer healthier choices, innovate sustainable processes and products, and reduce waste – all to create a brighter future.

These goals are grand but not beyond reach. Together with our business partners and loyal customers, we can make them a reality.

Scientific Highlights
Biocatalytic cascades webinar

Biocatalytic cascades involving multiple enzymes hold the promise to efficiently facilitate complex, multi-step chemical transformations for sustainable manufacturing.

There are many steps to a healthier future.
Join us on our journey.
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