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The power and possibilities of engineered proteins

The Ability to Engineer Proteins is the Ability to Change the World

In the right hands, the power of engineered proteins to solve 21st century problems in pharmaceutical, biotherapeutic, food & beverage and other industries is almost unimaginable.

By speeding up and directing the evolution of proteins, we can potentially:

  • Manufacture drugs more affordably
  • Treat diseases more effectively with new biologic therapeutics
  • Detect cancer before tumors develop
  • Create healthier foods less expensively
  • Impact a wide array of industrial markets with improved enzymes and proteins

Improved understanding

Our knowledge of the relationships between DNA code and protein sequence, structure and function has progressed to the point that proteins can be generated by little more than typing a DNA code into a computer. Many important changes took place to make this possible:

  • The cost of DNA sequencing has dropped dramatically.
  • High-throughput screening has advanced, enabling more proteins to be tested more quickly and cost-effectively.
  • Protein modeling, machine learning and computational capabilities have advanced our ability to predict structure-function relationships.

Our new ability to mine and analyze vast amounts of data using machine learning and artificial intelligence, combined with our ability to test thousands of proteins per week in physical reality, lets you dramatically speed development and have much greater certainty of a successful outcome.

Protein engineering projects that took 20 scientists two years to complete a decade ago now take a few scientists only a few months.

The CodeEvolver® platform

Codexis’ unique CodeEvolver® platform combines DNA library synthesis and sequencing, advanced high-throughput screening and machine learning with the human expertise of our scientific team. It enables us to efficiently generate and introduce function-driven mutations to rapidly improve a protein for its target application.

With this platform, you can dramatically improve the cost and quality of pharmaceuticals and food ingredients, create novel biologic therapeutics and enable the sequencing of minute quantities of DNA for in vitro diagnostics. CodeEvolver® enables you to create unique solutions — solutions others may not even contemplate, let alone successfully execute.

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Since 2002, Codexis has created new technologies to unlock the power of proteins®. Put our unmatched protein engineering expertise to work for you.

Unlock the power of proteins® with Codexis

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