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Impact Quality and Profitability with Expert Protein Engineering

When enzymes are engineered for peak performance — as they are at Codexis — the result is unsurpassed purity, diminished waste and reduced environmental impact. The efficiency, selectivity and specificity of optimized enzymes are the key properties that make them especially useful in food & beverage production. Codexis’ engineered enzymes may enable you to reduce cycle times, increase yields and improve product quality and cost-efficiency.


A real-life example


Leading food industry supplier Tate & Lyle sought a healthier ingredient that would meet demanding caloric and sensory targets in addition to fulfilling requirements for speed of commercialization, safety and production cost.

News Release


Using the proprietary CodeEvolver® platform, Codexis worked with Tate & Lyle to engineer an enzyme that could meet the company’s goals and enable a simple, cost-efficient production process. Commercial targets were met in seven months and the resulting enzyme produced a 70-fold enzyme activity improvement under challenging process conditions and a 90 percent cost reduction.

Partner with Codexis

The real value of partnering with Codexis comes from working together to find efficient and cost-effective solutions for specific production problems. Using our proprietary CodeEvolver® platform, Codexis experts will help creatively and efficiently solve your specific process problems by optimizing existing enzymes or developing new enzymes to move food ingredient manufacturing to a new level.

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