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Industrial Applications
Innovating for the health of the planet

You are committed to finding ways to make industrial products and processes greener: reducing waste, energy usage, and sustaining the environment. We are applying our knowledge in areas such as plastic recycling, bio-materials, animal nutrition, and consumer care solutions, all with the triple bottom line in mind – social, environmental, and financial.

Tailored enzymes outperform

Codexis’ engineered enzymes can increase yields, reduce cycle times, and enable cost-effective processes. We work with our partners from conception through to commercialization, so whether you need enzymes for the lab, or in industrial quantities, we can deliver.


The textile and fashion industries are some of the largest contributors to pollution, accounting for up to 20% of the world’s industrial water pollution, and 10% of global greenhouse gas emissions. The heavy reliance on vast quantities of water to the harsh chemicals used in garment manufacturing processes, coupled with ever-increasing demand, means the industry’s consumption of natural resources is difficult to curb.


High-performing enzymes, tailored to be stable in environments too harsh for natural variants, can allow the processing of textiles to be done with less water, or at lower temperatures—incremental improvements that add up across a vast industry. Whether it is improvements to existing processes or helping innovators leverage sustainable raw materials to redefine and replace entire processes, we can enable new and more sustainably manufactured textiles.

There are many steps to a healthier future.
Join us on our journey.
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