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Sustainable manufacturing

Are you looking for better ways to manufacture clean-label food ingredients using natural raw materials or to deliver higher purity products to improve characteristics such as mouthfeel or flavor? We can help you innovate and transform manufacturing processes to maximize efficiency and performance, increase yield, and improve your bottom line.

Collaborate for innovation

Solving a challenge in the most effective way requires real innovation and new ways of thinking. We partner with leading food and ingredient manufacturers to optimize ingredient properties, maximize yield, and develop cleaner and more sustainable manufacturing processes.

Enzymes in action

Enzymes are natural catalysts and have been used in food and beverage manufacturing processes from cheese-making to brewing and juicing. Novel enzymes can be evolved from existing ones to improve process efficiency, increase yield, reduce waste, and enable new bioprocesses. This is where Codexis’ expertise comes in – to help take your innovations to the next level.



The food industry faces ongoing challenges as consumer preference, regulatory requirements and technological advancements continually evolve. Ingredient manufacturers must therefore develop innovative products to meet these demands, while making these new products efficiently, sustainably, and cost-effectively. Tate & Lyle, a leading food ingredient solution provider sought a better-tasting sweetener that would fulfill caloric and clean-label targets in addition to ensuring speed to market, food safety, and low production costs.


Using high-performance enzymes, tailored for specialized functions in the production process enables companies to meet their sustainability and cost goals by reducing waste via maximizing utilization of raw materials and minimizing water and reagent use, as well as developing products satisfying consumer’s sensorial preference. Codexis partnered with Tate & Lyle and engineered a suite of enzymes that enabled a highly efficient production process and commercialization of a better-tasting sweetener within two years of starting the project.

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