Engineering a healthier world

Reimagine enzymes to enable sustainable pharmaceutical manufacturing, develop differentiated products for life science workflows, and create next-generation gene therapy and oral enzyme therapy candidates. In each market, our engineered enzymes are differentiated on critical value drivers – precision, robustness, stability and efficacy. Our advanced enzyme products provide advantages to our partners and customers to address key environmental and health challenges facing the world.

Pharmaceutical Manufacturing

Cleaner, more sustainable processes for the health of the planet

High-performing enzymes can enable new reaction pathways, delivering higher product yields, less waste and improved capital efficiency. Our engineered enzymes have been used in many efficient manufacturing processes for the production of active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs).

Pharmaceutical manufacturing

Highly customized biocatalysts can transform API manufacturing processes by eliminating steps, increasing yield, and reducing solvent usage and waste.

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ATA Kits

Determine the feasibility of using an ATA for an asymmetric transamination with the Codex® ATA Screening Kit, engineered for enhanced selectivity, activity, substrate range, and solvent and temperature stability.

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For asymmetric ketone reduction, the Codex® KRED Screening Kit contains enzymes selected from more than 70 screening projects and is curated for broad substrate range, stereoselectivity, and high stability.

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Life Sciences

Reimagine enzymes for a new generation of life science tools

Life science tools have long taken advantage of the unique characteristics of enzymes. No longer limited by the properties of natural enzymes, engineered enzymes are raising the bar on the performance and adaptability of workflows in genomics, diagnostics, mRNA manufacturing and oligonucleotide synthesis.

Genomics & Diagnostics

New genomic and diagnostic workflows are increasingly demanding of the properties of the enzymes used in them - often requiring high sensitivity alongside robustness to deliver high-quality data under increasingly diverse and challenging conditions. We engineer our life science enzymes for these properties, and more, to deliver versatile and robust enzymes, up to the demands of modern genomic and diagnostic applications.

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Oligonucleotide synthesis

The synthesis of oligonucleotides is increasingly important across a broad range of industries – from biopharma to genomics, synthetic biology, agriculture and even data storage. We are developing enzymes that can meet the specific needs of different industries and applications – from efficient and clean mRNA production for vaccines and other biotherapeutics, to both template-directed and non-template-directed synthesis of DNA and unnatural oligonucleotides with applicability in multiple fields.

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Life science enzymes

Whether it’s overcoming the current constraints in nucleic acid synthesis and sequencing, or creating more versatile clinical diagnostic tools, tailored enzymes play a key part in enabling the life science innovations of tomorrow.

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Designed for efficacy and safety

Enzymes, transgenes, and gene therapy vectors can be optimized for safety and efficacy for a therapeutic indication. With multiple properties targeted in parallel, we aim to address unmet needs of patients with novel enzyme and gene therapy candidates.

Oral enzyme therapies

Orally delivered enzymes for treatment of genetic metabolic and gastrointestinal disorders, with two candidates in clinical trials and two candidates undergoing IND-enabling studies.

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Gene therapies

Engineered transgenes to enable safe and efficacious gene therapies for lysosomal storage disorders, hematologic diseases, and other inborn errors in metabolism.

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Biotherapeutics pipeline

We are committed to the advancement of therapeutic candidates with best-in-class efficacy through self-funded initiatives and in close collaboration with our valued partners. 

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