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Discovery and Development
Novel enzymes to enable the promise of synthetic biology

At Codexis, we apply directed evolution to wild-type enzymes, engineering novel enzymes with the optimal properties necessary for applications across several focus areas. Our technology uses a sophisticated process to generate and screen large numbers of novel protein libraries, which we then develop with our customers into commercially relevant enzymes.


Discovery pathways


We screen existing enzyme libraries to find suitable starting enzymes for your application. Our enzyme libraries contain cumulative knowledge gained from proprietary machine-learning software, as well as decades of expertise and guidance of our scientists.


A short project usually consisting of two rounds of evolution, a proof-of-concept program applies the CodeEvolver® technology platform to optimize an enzyme’s performance. This offers a relatively inexpensive risk calibration and quantification of the enzyme’s potential for improvement.


We work in close partnership with R&D and commercial stakeholders to define target performance characteristics, applying our technology platform to improve and tailor enzyme attributes to meet your program objectives.

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Collaborative development

We offer several R&D partnership options to deliver quality engineered solutions and provide a path to successful commercialization. Contact us to discover how you could dramatically improve your processes.

Benefits of optimizing enzymes

Faster process development
Engineered enzymes have similar biochemistry at any scale, minimizing the need for process changes when scaling up.


Optimized enzymes do not require elevated pressures or temperatures and can be adapted for longer reaction sequences.


Cleaner and more environmentally friendly
Replacing traditional chemistry processes with Codexis enzymes typically reduces general waste, and particularly hazardous waste.

There are many steps to a healthier future.
Join us on our journey.
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